George Raitt

Sessional Lecturer, Monash UniversityPhotograph of George Raitt

Have practised corporate and commercial law in Australia as a principal for 25 years, predominantly in the area of commercialisation of technology.  Currently a partner in Piper Alderman, Lawyers, Melbourne, Australia. Undergraduate degrees in  law and economics.  Completed a Masters in tax law in 2000 and an MA concerning  ekphrastic poetry in 2005.  Completed a Ph.D. in literature in the field of adaptation and intertextuality in 2012.  In 2013 published an article ‘Insights for Legal Reasoning from Studies of Literary Adaptation and Intertextuality’.  Have been a sessional lecturer in Monash University Law School for several years – subjects including legal reasoning, equity and trusts, and in 2015 patenting for commercialisation. Current research interests concern competition (antitrust) law, particularly abuse of dominance and mergers.  Looking forward to being involved in CopyrightX.

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