Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How and when can I apply?
    • Applications are released for a number of weeks each fall (typically released in October and close in November or December). Information is posted on our website and distributed to our listserv. To receive announcements and updates from the course team, including information about the application process for future versions of CopyrightX, please join CopyrightX’s public mailing list.
  • What is the course timeline?
    • Generally, the course parallels Harvard Law School’s academic calendar. The course will meet weekly for 12 weeks (typically beginning in late January) and typically concludes in late April. Usually, the final exam is administered over a three-day period in early May.
  • What is the cost of the course?
    • The course is free for all those admitted! You will simply need a computer, a microphone, a webcam, and sufficient internet access speeds to participate on Zoom.
  • How do I get a certificate for successfully completing the course?
    • To receive a certificate of completion, students must attend at least 10/12 weekly sessions in full and obtain a score of 2/5 on the final exam.
  • I missed the deadline. Can I still apply?
    • While we sympathize, in an effort to apply policies uniformly and due to the number of applications we must process with a small administrative team, we are not able to accommodate any late applications. We are not able to make any exceptions to this policy. We encourage you to apply in the next available cycle.
  • I was endorsed by a past participant in the course, but my invitation email went to my spam folder. Can I still apply after the deadline?
    • We are not able to accept late applications of any kind. To ensure you receive future emails from us, please add our email address (copyrightXcourse@gmail.com) to your contacts list.
  • I enrolled in the course in the past, but I was not able to complete the curriculum/take the exam/did not pass the exam. May I reapply/retry in the future?
    • We do not allow past participants to reapply or retake (or take for the first time in a later year) the final exam. We maintain this policy because we have many more applicants each year than we are able to accept into the course, and we want to maximize the opportunity for new participants to engage in the course.
  • May I enroll in an affiliate section of CopyrightX and enroll in an online section?
    • No.
  • What if I have a question not answered here?
    • If you have read the application and this website and have not identified an answer to your question, please reach out to the course team at copyrightXcourse@gmail.com. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. Typically response times are quicker during the academic year than in the summer.

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