HLS Syllabus 2015

Week 1

Lecture 1: The Foundations of Copyright Law

Discussion (January 26): Originality

Discussion (January 27): The Idea/Expression Distinction

Week 2

Lecture 2: Fairness and Personality Theories

Discussion (February 2): Labor v. Personhood

Discussion (February 3):  Nonfiction

Week 3

Lecture 3: The Subject Matter of Copyright

Discussion (February 9): Useful Articles

Discussion (February 10): Software

Week 4

Lecture 4: Welfare Theory

Discussion (Feburary 16): Applications of Welfare Theory

Discussion (February 17): Alternatives to Copyright

Week 5

Lecture 5: Authorship

Discussion (February 23): Multiple Authors

Discussion (February 24): Works for Hire

Week 6

Lecture 6: The Mechanics of Copyright

Discussion (March 2): Copyright and Parentalism

Discussion (March 3): The Boundary between Copyright and the Public Domain

Week 7

Lecture 7: The Rights to Reproduce and Modify

Discussion (March 9): “Probative Similarity” and “Substantial Similarity”

Discussion (March 10): Derivative Works

Week 8

Lecture 8: The Rights to Distribute, Perform, and Display

Discussion (March 23): Distribution and First Sale

Discussion (March 24): Performances and Displays

Week 9

Lecture 9: Fair Use and Misuse

Discussion (March 30): Fair Use, Part 1

Discussion (March 31): Fair Use, Part 2

Week 10

Lecture 10: Cultural Theory

Discussion (April 6): Moral Rights in the United States

Discussion (April 7): Traditional Knowledge

Event (April 8): Photography

Week 11

Lecture 11: Supplements to Copyright: Secondary Liability and Para-copyright

Discussion (April 13): Secondary Liability

Discussion (April 14): Technological Protection Measures

Event (April 15): Litigating Fair Use

Week 12

Lecture 12: Remedies

Discussion (April 20): Damages

Discussion (April 21): Injunctions and Crimes

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